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She sips tea and reads all day long... well, that's what she would do if she didn't have to go to school. She also enjoys cupcakes and running through the sprinklers, even though she's much too old for that sort of thing.
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where r u?
missminttea missminttea Said:

I’m assuming you mean where have I gone and why I don’t tumble anymore? The answer to this question is here. Simply put: the internet was taking over my life so I had to back down on a few things- tumblr being one of them. I hope that answers your question- if not feel free to ask again or tweet me @meredithmabel . Have a lovely day! :)

I’m not very good at big announcements but *le sigh* sometimes I can’t avoid them.

Well, I used to be so good at interneting. I used to be a really good book blogger (behold http://mintteaandagoodbook.blogspot.com/). I used to tumble more reasonably on tumblr. I used to have time to do my homework and then explore the ol’ internet.

But then, around August- I realized that the internet was sort of taking over my life. I was like an internet slave! And so I’ve backed off a bit on the book blog (which, I’m slightly ashamed to say, has been just a huge sigh of relief) I don’t tweet as much, I don’t goodreads much at all, although I tumble on tumblr more than I should.

But with this first semester of the 2012- 2013 school year a TON more has been shoved onto my plate. Youth and Government, Honor Society Committee Chair, Varsity Swim Team, DOING ALL THE THINGS, plus midterms coming up, and then suddenly I’ve looked down at my plate and there’s this little square on the corner left over for free time which previously had been reserved for internet. But I’ve come to realize that maybe I don’t want to spend all my free time on the internet. What about walking the dog, or spending time with my friends, playing a game with my little sister, or baking with my mom, shopping for pretty things, or watching Disney movies, doing service projects, or what about (STOP THE PRESSES) reading a book of choice! (wait, OMG what?)

As much as I wish I was, I’m not perfect. I wish I could live and love and do yoga everyday. But if the best I can do is simply ‘doing what makes me happy’ I think I can be content with that.

So what I’m really saying is… I’m quitting this tumblr. I’ve loved reblogging and hearting, but there are other things calling my name. Other things I should be doing instead of ogling over breathtaking photos and laughing at gifs.

I’ll still leave this tumblr open (meaning I’m not deleting it or anything) but I won’t be posting anything from here on out. For now, you can still always find me on twitter (@meredithmabel or see the sidebar) where I’ll continue to chirp.

But for now, so long tumblr! Au Revoir mon amie.

- Meredith 



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40/50 - Callan McAuliffe

40/50 - Callan McAuliffe


put me there.

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